Offal Club versus Billy Whizz

Live at the legendary Birmingham venue Hare & Hounds
High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JZ
Sunday 10 April 2022

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Who is Offal Club?

Offal Club is a self-proclaimed ‘singer/songwriter’ from Birmingham, UK.

He serves up amusing, confusing, sometimes absurd punky indie-pop over home-cooked rhythm tracks, seasoned with a hint of melancholy.

Some fans have suggested that Offal Club should record his songs to share with a wider audience.


Offal Club Sounds

Coming soon!

Unavailable E.P.

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release date: TBC December

Also Available

You can find Offal Club music on your favourite streaming platforms, but we love Bandcamp and encourage true fans to stream, download and purchase from the Offal Club Bandcamp page.